Merit Award: Interior Architecture / AIA DC Design Award 2014

Overlook Road House | Robert M. Gurney, FAIA Architect

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Luxe. / On Display: Feature Project

A bachelor's Arlington penthouse is transformed into the perfect pad to exhibit his modern art collection as well as entertain guests.

On Display by Jennifer Sergent | Fall 2014

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Home & Design / Signature Style: Featured Project

Jacobsen Architecture imbues a downtown DC co-op with the firm's trademark modern aesthetic


Signature Style by Scott Sowers | Fall 2014


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Architecture DC / Rooms of Ones's Own: Exemplary Condominium and Multi-family Projects

"The O/K Calvert Street project, an 1,850-square-foot, one-bedroom condominium in Washington's Woodley Park neighborhood, converted a dark, north-facing unit in a 1970s era building into a light-suffused residence with an almost Zen-like serenity."

Rooms of One’s Own by Ronald O’Rourke | Summer 2014

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Remodeling Magazine / Tone Poem

Once a neighborhood wallflower, this remodeled modernist "box" blossoms into the life of the party. The design's bold, idiosyncratic personality perfectly suits a dual role as family home and occasional concert venue.

Tone Poem by Bruce D. Snider | April 2014

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Honor Award / 2013 VSAIA Design Awards for Interiors

The Watergate is considered one of Washington’s most desirable addresses. This 1,250-sf, 14th-floor unit with 8’4” ceilings tends to present a low horizon. Offsetting that are spectacular views up the Potomac River. The completely reconfigured space has formal clarity and orientation to the river. Detailing is minimal and crisp. Forms and textures both unify and diversify spatial qualities. The jury commended the clever use of geometry to enlarge the feel of the apartment greatly. Moreover, they said, “furniture choices and the subdued material palette honor the legacy of this 1960s masterpiece"

Watergate Apartment  | Inform Magazine: Number Six 2013

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Outside the Box / 2013 Remodeling Design Award

The judges scored the remodel very highly in all categories. They complimented this whole-house remodel on its ability to stand out while working within the constraints of the budget, calling it a simple but “fresh” project. Another element that appealed to them was the deck detail of steel beams rising at an angle

Outside the Box | 2013 Merit Award

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Honor Award / Inform 2012: Object Design

Jury Comments: "This small, demountable 'corn-crib' cabin creates an elegant shelter, complete with a kitchen and sleeping loft, that has a minimal impact on the site and that allows for rapid construction....Its fun, portable, environmentally responsible."

The Crib at Strathmore | Bethesda, MD

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Excellence in Design / AIA Maryland Design Award

Jury Comments: "There are a number of projects that are similar to this; small footprint, simple to build, possibly portable, minimal but adequate accommodation. Not many have this degree rigor in material use, and particularly, detailing."

AIA Maryland | 2012 AIA Maryland Design Award

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Remodeling’s Big50 / Honor Award

"The Big50 . . . represent the very best that the industry has to offer."

Added Dimensions was honored to receive this award from its industry partners in recognition of its excellence in quality and service as reflected in the high level of customer satisfaction, its strong leadership and organization, its community service, and productive work atmosphere.

2010 BIG 50 | by Stacey Freed

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Kit of Parts / AIA Award - 2011

Jury Comments " Just as the title says, it seems to be well thought-out. The "kit of parts" does a nice job of transforming itself as it moves through the house while not overwhelming the house....It is conceptually strong and innovative in its approach. To do a lot with very little intervention and actually transform the space is pretty remarkable."

AIA Potomac Valley | Presented at Silver Spring, Maryland October 22, 2011

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The Crib / AIA Award - 2011

Jury Comments "This is a really fun project, like a folly. But it demonstrates some really intelligent strategies when it comes to prefabricating or preassembling the structure. The interior spaces were light-filled and obviously connected to the outside. For a very small space, they actually do quite a bit with it....They didn 't shy away from being playful with modern, iconic forms and the silhouette."

AIA Potomac Valley | Presented at Silver Spring, Maryland October 22, 2011

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Washingtonian Award / 2011 Washington Chapter AIA

Presented to Added Dimensions and Robert M. Gurney, FAIA , Architect by Yolanda Cole President, AIA | DC on May 18, 2011

Great Spaces by Mary Clare Glover | Washingtonian June 2011

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Home & Design Magazine / Urban Chic: Feature Project

"Reflecting on how the project evolved over time, Cole and Prevost recall the many hours discussing ideas with their design-savvy client and working with contractor Alan Kanner... to make their shared vision a reality. The result is a clean-lined, minimal space that looks deceptively straightforward."

Urban Chic
 by Sharon Jaffe Dan | Spring 2011

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Builder Magazine / Design Award Winner

A Kit of Parts - Design Award Winner

As so often happens with remodels, this project started as a simple request for bookshelves and then got bigger. But not bigger than it needed to be—thanks to an ingenious “kit of parts,” designed by McInturff Architects, which completely transformed the living spaces inside this classic bungalow with nary a structural change, other than moving a couple of windows.

Kit of Parts by Jenny Sullivan October 6, 2010 (link to Full Article)

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Matryoshka / AIA Award

The Maryland State Component of The American Institute of Architects presents this MERIT AWARD to Added Dimensions, Inc. for Excellence in Design of Matryoshka Bethesda, Maryland

Matryoshka | David Jameson Architect

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Big50 Top Contractor Award / Remodeling Magazine

"The Big50 . . . represent the very best that the industry has to offer."

Added Dimensions was honored to receive this award from its industry partners in recognition of its excellence in quality and service as reflected in the high level of customer satisfaction, its strong leadership and organization, its community service, and productive work atmosphere...

Fine Design Award

  • Years in Business: 16
  • Speciality: Full-service remodeling

While most businesses mentioned in this category are design/build, Added Dimensions is a build-only company with close ties to architects and a dedication to fine craftsmanship and contemporary design.

That original model extends to the way they run their company. Kanner and Hazboun hire mature employees who have, in addition to their skills, “a [way] of making clients feel comfortable,” Kanner says. AD’s five superintendents feel a deep connection to the company and are committed to its focus on contemporary design.


  • The company has worked with some of the top contemporary architects in Washington, D.C. “If we see a project in a magazine that we like, we contact the architect,” Hazboun says. “Once the connection is made, we focus on developing a relationship and a sense of teamwork with the architect and their client.”

Notable quotes:  “Everyone in the company should have a life outside their work,” Kanner says.
“We insist that people who work for us do so not because … it’s a meal ticket,” Kanner says. “We [want] people using their own initiative.” -Stacey Freed

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Award of Excellence / Design Arlington

Presented to Added Dimensions, Inc. on January 26, 2010 to recognize their construction of the Spout Run Residence on 2758 North Nelson Street. Signed by Jay Fisette Chairman of the Arlington Country Board.

Spout Run | David Jameson Architect

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Architecture DC / Detail Award in Architecture: Kit of Parts

"It is the proposition of this project that a house can be transformed through select, delicate, and adaptable interventions rather than wholesale renovation" -McInturff Architects.

Practical Elegance: Exceptional Houses Suit Owners’ Needs. By Martin Moeller, Jr., Assoc. AIA | Winter  2009



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Architecture DC / Award Winning Home

“Matryoshka,” as in the traditional Russian nesting dolls? Exactly. This Bethesda
house is organized in much the same way as the doll sets, consisting of a series of forms nested one inside the other. In this case, however, the forms vary not just in size, but also in materials, proportions, and degree of enclosure...

Matryoshka House by G. Martin Moeller, Jr., Assoc. AIA | September 2, 2009

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The Washington Post Magazine / Into the Wild

An Arlington Family reconnects their house to the nature surrounding it.

Into the Wild
 by Alexa Yablonski | October 2008

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Architectural Digest / New Order in the Capital

A Turn-of-the-Last-Century Apartment is Transformed by "uncrating the apartment from its boxes" and applying new architectural proportions to the space.

New Order in the Capital by Joseph Giovannini | October 2008

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Washingtonian Magazine / Spout Run House

The Washingtonian and the Washington Chapter of the American Institute of Architects presents this award for distinctive residential architecture to Added Dimensions, Inc.

Elements of Style by Ellen Ryan | Washingtonian, June 200

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Hall Place / Washingtonian Magazine

The Washingtonian and the Washington Chapter of the American Institute of Architects presents this award for distinctive residential architecture to Added Dimensions, Inc.

Elements of Style by Ellen Ryan | Washingtonian, June 2008

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Washington Post Magazine / Love's Renovation

"The highlight of the apartment is the kitchen, a module of cherry wood and frosted glass cabinets in the shape of a trapezoid, with stainless-steel backslashes under a dropped ceiling the color of French lavender. Black granite counters wide enough for rolling our pastry dough and a bar designed to accommodate cooking students are arranged at the edges, along with appliances."

Love’s Renovation
  By Linda Hales | September 23, 2007

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Bare Essentials / Inform Award - 2007

When the Ontario Apartment Building was constructed in 1906, its builders surely meant for its elaborate Beaux-Arts façades and stairways to evoke an air of drama. A century later, however, much of the building had become dark and disorienting. In this apartment conversion, the architect created a spare, modern space through the generous use of glass and translucent panels.

Not all is light and white, however; as a contrast, the bedroom and study feature dark stained-oak flooring. “It’s sophisticated - very restrained and mature,” the jury said. “It’s just a beautiful composition. Everything is so purposeful.”

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ChesapeakeHome / Cover Page Featured House

Adding a second story and renovating a 1950s ranch-home allowed the homeowners and designers to go modern with shades of green. Contemporary styling mixed with some eco-friendly design principles and building materials results in a recycled home well-suited to 21st century life.

Breaking Up the Box
 August 14, 2007 by Scott Sowers

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Custom Home Magazine / Custom Home Grand Award

The Custom Home Design Award panel had a hard time tearing itself away from this entry, which one judge deemed “one of the best detailed houses we’ve seen today.” Another noted, “To do something like this that is so pure and so demanding of the geometry within an existing shell is so hard to do.”

Washington, D.C., Residence by Bruce D. Snider | May 22, 2007 (link to Full Article)

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Grand Award Winner / Residential Architect

Ontario 301 Washington, D.C.

Before it was a dark, disorienting apartment in a Beaux-Arts building. Now the new living spaces are strikingly clear-minded, thanks to a linear floor plan and a reductive palette of white walls, aluminum accents, stainless steel countertops, translucent-glass room dividers, limestone floors, and wenge paneling and cabinetry. The jury applauded the consistent, comprehensive interior. “The details are elegant, and a common thread runs through them,” said one judge. “It's integrated perfectly.”

Residential Architect: Grand Award by Cheryl Weber | May 7, 2007 (link to Full Article)

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Home & Design Magazine / Artist in Residence

ColePrevost remodels a 1923 home in DC to create a modern studio for painter Madeleine Keesing.

Artist in Residence by Deborah K. Dietsch | Fall  2005

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Kitchen and Bath Ideas Magazine / Bold Frontier: Featured Project

"[The] Master bath is a striking sanctuary that combines Montana spaciousness with urban-contemporary edginess to provide a relaxing escape from a hectic life."

Bold Frontier By Chris Macbride | January 2005

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Home & Design Magazine / Featured Renovation

It didn't take the client couple long to realize that its closed-in rooms and dim hallways would have to go. They wanted to create more efficient spaces and take better advantage of abundant natural light while preserving the integrity of the historic building.

The designers planned a new layout that would encompass two offices, a principal bedroom and a guest room, an additional bathroom and a professional-grade kitchen. Added Dimensions started by tearing out the walls--a move that revealed a welcome surprise...

Kitchen Choreography by Sharon Jaffe Dan | Winter 2005 (link to Full Article)

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Complete Bathroom Design / A Steely Calm

"The client wanted a 'knock 'em dead," cool-looking place. We did our best to meet that and also keep it practical and functional." -Robert Cole

A Steely Calm
 by Holly Harrison & Sarah Lynch | ColePrévost

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Feature Article Project / Washington Post Magazine

Eight months and $380,000 later, this Ranchburger has ascended to filet-mignon status inside and out, owing to a 50-foot-wide wall of translucent fiberglass set in a metal grid across the top front of the building. By day it resembles an enormous shoji screen; by night, lit from within, it glows like a Japanese lantern.

A Dash of Spice by Annie Groer | September 26, 2004 (link to Full Article)


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A Secret Garden (Crescent Res) / Inform Award 2004

For this backyard space, the initial objectives were rather utilitarian — hiding service wires and replacing a rickety fence. However, the site inspired ColePrevost to create a reflective bamboo garden, which effectively screens out neighbors while offering a sense of privacy and peace. Near the house, a wall of horizontal acid-etched glass channels is punctuated by narrow viewing slots. The channels are supported on stainless-steel stanchions, which provide a framework for LED "light sticks."

On the back side of the garden, the old fence has become a wall of fiberglass-reinforced concrete, which acts as a screen on which the LED light is projected. The wall is “slatted like a fence,” the jury noted, “and it’s layered up with other materials and light and so forth to be curious about how one can make an edge.”

(link to Full Article)

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Inspired House Magazine / Featured Remodeling Award

They call it the big shoji screen in the park. It sits on a leafy lot surrounded by smallish traditional homes of a certain age (around 50) across the street from a pleasant park and a creek that runs down to the Potomac River. The house rises from an original brick foundation, its second story of stucco, steel, and translucent panels peeking through the tops of ancient oak trees...

A Thoroughly Modern Makeover by Maria Lapiana | Fall 2004 (link to Full Article)

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Home & Design Magazine / Inside the Box: Featured Project

A highly original modern tableau tucked inside a tiny, non-descript house...

Inside the Box by Barbara Karth | Summer 2004 (link to Full Article)

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Interior Design Magazine / IIDA Residential Design Competition Award

Awarded to Added Dimensions Inc. by the International Interior Design Association
for their work on 301 Ontario, Washington D.C.

In order to keep the space wide open walls were stripped out, a drywall ceiling removed to expose roof timbers, and a dark-stained Masonite floor was installed. Running through it, a Lumasite strip covering a channel filled with rope lighting marks the spot where a wall once stood...

Home on the Range by Anne Guiney | December 1, 2002 (link to Full Article)

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Award of Honor / Inform 2002 Excellence in Design

Presented to Added Dimensions by Vernon Mays, editor-in-chief of Inform magazine, on October 4, 2002 for their construction of the Rogers Residence.

Simplicity Rules | ColePrévost

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Simplicity Rules (Crescent Res) / Inform Award - 2002

This renovation project re configures the second floor of a house to create an open tableau in modern materials. After opening the upstairs by exposing the rafters and knocking down dividing walls, the designers inserted a plane of acid-etched glass to separate the bathroom area from the sleeping space. Back-lit glass-reinforced plastic panels provide privacy in the shower area, while other forms of lighting can vary the opacity of the glass plane.

“The quality of light is very seductive. It’s not about views. It’s really about these different light qualities – both during the day and in the evening. It just creates a mood.”

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Remodeling Magazine / Grand Award

2002 Renaissance Grand Award
This 420-square-foot attic space had been divided into two small bedrooms and a bathroom. The clients wanted to remove all the walls and convert it into an open master bedroom suite. According to the judges, architect Robert Cole succeeded in creating an "exciting, spacious, and theatrical room."

Stark Contrast by Nina Pastel | September 3, 2002 (link to Full Article)

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Excellence of Design / International Interior Design Association Award

Awarded for the work done on the Rodgers Residence in Alexandria, VA. Presented on June 10, 2002 by the IIDA President, Cary D. Johnson.

Rodgers Residence | ColePrévost

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