Meet the Team

Construction and renovation are not only about what you build; it’s also about how you get there.  Collectively, the Added Dimensions team has hundreds of years of construction expertise.  More important, they are to a person both interested in the work they do and interesting to be with.  We invite you to meet some of them here before you invite them into your home.

Richard Hazboun / Principal

Richard helped found Added Dimensions in 1997. Shortly thereafter, we had the opportunity to do extensive finish carpentry work on a contemporary project by one of the leading architects in Washington DC. That experience led him to develop a special affinity and appreciation for both the simplicity and the complexity of contemporary architecture. As the company rapidly grew, Richard had to reluctantly hang up his tool belt and he turned his skills to organizing the ever more intricate projects and the highly creative and capable people that were attracted to this art form.

Richard has been in the construction business since he graduated with a Civil Engineering degree from the University of California at Berkeley. While originally on a track toward a PhD, an early encounter with construction changed that course permanently. Richard was soon heading the construction division of a California land development company and managed the construction of low rise office buildings, retail centers, industrial developments, as well as custom homes. The work in custom homes piqued his interest in carpentry and he embarked on a dedicated pursuit to learn and refine his skills. Richard went on to build several custom homes in California where he honed his skill with hands-on experience in many of the trades, but especially carpentry. He later moved to the Washington DC area and spent several years working for Manna, a low income housing developer. It was soon after that he and Alan Kanner founded Added Dimensions.

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Alan Kanner / Principal

Like many remodelers who started their businesses with their tool belts on, Alan misses the joy of hands-on creation (not to mention the calorie expenditure that came with physical exertion). But he has also thoroughly enjoyed the chance to participate in the creation of a much larger entity with an intense focus on high quality construction. Alan still gets the most joy from working with site superintendents and project managers to devise solutions to complicated construction problems. He also really enjoys seeing the different focus that clients bring to their particular projects and helping clients to build their project.

Alan is the first to admit that he did not have a linear career path.  He has a B.S. in chemistry from the University of California at Irvine and a J.D. from the Boston University School of Law.  After moving to Washington with every intention of working on Capitol Hill for a couple of years, he ended up working as an associate at a large law firm downtown for five years.  Realizing that transactional and regulatory work for savings and loan associations was not his life’s work, Alan left the law firm and spent a year traveling in Asia.  His epiphany — that he wanted to do job training and affordable housing development — came on the streets of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Alan returned to Washington and spent almost six years working at Manna, a non profit housing developer and sponsor of the Skill Builders job training program.  With the birth of his first child, Alan decided that it was time to embark on a new career.  Together, he and Richard Hazboun founded Added Dimensions.


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Vedad Dedovic / Project Manager

Vedad is a highly talented and motivated individual. He has successfully managed a number of large and highly complicated residential projects and recently completed a fast paced commercial renovation for a local Cartier boutique. Vedad also shoulders a number of other responsibilities from IT Wizard to a central company strategist. He is instrumental in keeping things humming smoothly behind the scenes. Vedad loves construction and is truly passionate about the projects he manages and dynamics they bring.

Vedad is a native Bosnian and grew up in Sarajevo.  He moved to the United States a few years after the war. He later joined Added Dimensions in 2006 and he holds a Master’s Degree in Business from the University of Maryland.

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Sam Morgan / Project Manager

As a Project Manager, Sam shoulders several projects at a time. He joined Added Dimensions in 2008 and in that time, he has completed several high end residential projects working with several of the area’s leading contemporary architects. Sam has a keen interest in the economics of the construction business and a strong desire to lead Added Dimensions into commercial construction. Building on that interest, Sam was responsible for Added Dimensions undertaking and completing its first three commercial projects: the three locations of The Tasting Room.

Between work and family life, Sam manages to find time to broaden his skill by continual expanding his education in the construction business.  Sam enjoys spending time with his family, wife Jenny and sons Alex and Ben, and hanging out on the waters near Annapolis. He is also an avid poker player. Sam loves working at Added Dimensions, but wishes there was at least one other person here who shared his passion for professional football.

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John Lewando / Senior Superintendent

John is meticulous about his projects. Visiting any of his projects one quickly notices that everything is under control, clean, organized, and humming. John is responsible for completing many of the major award winning projects that Added Dimensions has completed since he came on board in 2006. While John received a degree in Architecture from Virginia Tech and worked as an illustrator at the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History, his love for making things led him to fulfill that passion in construction. His background in architecture has served him, the clients, and the architects well as he uses his keen eye to build while respecting the art.

John has been involved with the building industry since junior high school when he started helping his older brother with his construction business in Midland, Michigan. John’s path to ADI included construction and design for both residential and commercial projects. Before joining ADI,  John had his own business doing large residential projects in and around Washington DC and in New England.

John lives in Takoma Park with his wife and two children, with one soon to be away at college.

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John Maysak / Senior Superintendent

John Maysak will celebrate 30 years in the construction industry in the Spring of 2013. More than 25 of those years have been in high-end site management, with projects ranging from the smallest residential remodel to multi-million dollar commercial projects. Since joining Added Dimensions in 2008, John has adapted his skills to the unique demands of contemporary design and has completed several project including a multi-million dollar "renovation."

Originally a DC native, John spent 14 years as a functioning ski bum in the resort town of Big Sky, Montana where he ran his own company. Several of the “chalets” he built have been featured in national publications including covers in Log Home Living and Timber Homes Illustrated. As an avid outdoorsman, when not running projects for ADI, John can be found exploring his beloved Montana mountains or chasing Blue Marlin with his fly rod off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

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Will Green / Senior Superintendent

Will joined Added Dimensions in 2009 after over fifteen years in construction, principally working on new homes. Will began work with us as a carpenter and worked in that capacity until March 2011, when we asked him to take over as the superintendent of a high end, contemporary renovation of an apartment in Woodley Park. To say that the renovation was an unqualified success would be an understatement. Working with a superb design from one of the icons of contemporary architecture, Will led a team that crafted an oasis of serenity amidst the bustle of the city. Most impressively (and commented upon by nearly every visitor to the home), despite a very technically demanding program, the workmanship throughout is quite nearly perfect.

Will is the doting father of a young daughter and regularly returns to work each week with stories of her adventures.  He is also an avid skier and has taken up a regular hiking program since quitting smoking.

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Jeff Ellis / Superintendent

Jeff is as comfortable framing a house or trimming the most intricate detail. He brings 20 years of experience, mostly in California’s Silicon Valley building high end custom homes. He welcomed the challenges that our exacting contemporary work threw at him and he has excelled at each task. In addition to the great skill that Jeff brings to each project, he brings his calm and friendly demeanor that lays the foundation for all around him to excel.

Jeff is a DC native. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and pretty much anything that involves the ocean and the beach.




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Rod McCoy / Superintendent

Rod recognized long ago how much he enjoys helping people change their physical environment in ways that make them happier and more productive. With experience across historic preservation, green building, affordable housing, and design-build efforts both commercial and residential, Rod can bring to bear a variety of approaches to solving the challenges of any building project.

Nearly a lifelong resident of the area, minus some years in New England, he’s become a fan of the architectural diversity of the region. He and his wife Amanda spend spare time at their waterfront shack on the Northern Neck.

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Malcolm Lewis / Superintendent

After graduating from college in 2008, Malcolm decided working with his hands was more intriguing than sitting at a desk all day. He moved to Maine and worked with a custom home builder on the coast. During his time there, he learned the trade from framing to finish through the completion of a wide range of projects.

Malcolm joined Added Dimensions in 2013. While he is happy installing crown molding and other traditional details, he prefers the clean lines of the contemporary projects Added Dimensions specializes in. When he’s not on site, he enjoys hiking, bicycling, and rock climbing.

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